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Flexible Architectural Stone rivals Cast stone and Quarried Architectural Stone

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Manufactured in the UK
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SYTEX FoamStone architectural product line rivals cast and quarried stone, with huge savings at every stage.

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SYTEX UK Ltd     FoamStone - with the SYTEX finish

SYTEX UK Ltd is the premier UK based manufacturer of architectural FoamStone products to the construction and renovation industry. Using the latest computerised technology SYTEX cuts high density EPS and coats it with a unique, flexible and impact resistant finish creating the look and touch of stone and pre cast, at a fraction of the weight and cost.

SYTEX is able to custom manufacture any non structural detail, along with our standard range of profiles, including window surrounds, headers and sills, exterior banding and cornice, arches and columns, panels and build-outs. All can easily be applied, either during or after construction, using your existing labour requiring only basic carpentry skills, creating a superior appearance whilst saving time and money.

SYTEX FoamStone columns are simply pre shaped during manufacture to fit around steel supports offering the finished appearance of a structural column, with the ease and savings of handling a lightweight product.

The sales team at SYTEX is able to advise and assist with all your needs, from original design concepts up to the delivery of the manufactured product.

SYTEX FoamStone products are also widely used in the renovation industry to ’freshen up’ the appearance of plain and drab architecture, offering an inexpensive makeover to otherwise lifeless projects, and creating renewed sales interest and demand associated with a more expensive building.

Let SYTEX show you how we can break the boundaries of architectural detail, once only the preserve of the few, but now brought imaginatively and affordably to everyone.

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