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Manufactured in the UK
SYTEX - English Heritage
English Heritage. The world of construction has changed. 

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SYTEX UK Ltd     

Renovation and restoration projects benefit from our ability to create any shaped profile with no minimum quantity or expensive set up costs. Even complex shapes (like the huge corbels seen elsewhere on our web site) can be manufactured to blend in seamlessly with existing historic details, easing the nightmare of tackling alterations to old and neglected heritage architecture.

This London property had suffered bomb damage during the Second World War.

SYTEX replicated custom profiles and sections to match neighbouring properties.

The environment also benefits with the use of architectural FoamStone. Being as little as 1/10th the weight of conventional materials, not only does it consume less of our precious resources, it saves vast amounts of energy to transport and handle. No specialist equipment is required and it can be installed with existing labour using basic carpentry skills.

So come on Britain. Take up the challenge. Be it a renovation, restoration or new build, let’s put design detail back into our buildings and resume our rightful place at the heart of architectural excellence. 

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