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Flexible Architectural Stone rivals Cast stone and Quarried Architectural Stone

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Manufactured in the UK
Benefits of SYTEX
SYTEX FoamStone architectural product line rivals cast and quarried stone, with huge savings at every stage.

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SYTEX UK Ltd     FoamStone - with the SYTEX finish

SYTEX UK Ltd FoamStone adds value to your property's appearance and saves you time and money over stone:

light weight foam stone masonry
  • FormStone: Looks and feels like STONE.
  • Transforms: Stone detail simply installed ANYWHERE* during or after construction.
  • Smooth: Smooth intricate detailed finishes only possible with SYTEX.
  • Durable: STRONG stone-like coating won't shrink, crack or warp.
  • Installation: No specialist skills or tools required.
  • Simple: 2400mm sections easily cut and mitred on site.
  • Manufacturing: Fast production within 4 weeks from our UK factory.
  • Design: Custom shapes and sizes at no extra cost.
  • Lightweight: Easy to handle. Install where regular stone is impossible.
  • Flexible: Contours to buildings.
  • Environment: Saves precious mineral recourses. Low Carbon Impact.
  • Savings: Savings at every stage.
  • Impact resistant: Flexible coating cushions impact.
*Phone for details FoamStone products have been used for many years to add non structural architectural detail to buildings throughout the world and in total extremes of climatic conditions.

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We use high density EPS Foam in order to produce strong crisp profile shapes.

As a final finish SYTEX profile sections can be factory painted with Dulux Maximum Exposure Smooth Masonry paint. Unlike normal paint this product is flexible like the SYTEX coating. It is over five times more flexible and offers up to 15 years protection. Alternatively they can be supplied natural for on-site painting.

SYTEX profiles are simple to install. Dow Chemical's have developed a gun foam adhesive called Insta Stik that is applied just to the rear of the SYTEX section. Both the profile and the building surface are moistened with water, then the section is held into position for five minutes, at which time it is set!

No messy mixing of cements or adhesives. Clean and easy to fit even after decoration of the building. No mechanical fixings required that would penetrate the outer skin of the building (so often the cause of water ingress). The profiles are then sealed to the building using Dow's Top Gun Sealant. View our installation video.

SYTEX profiles can be trimmed to length or mitred on site using basic carpentry equipment. Factory finished returns are available at extra cost to reduce installation time and skill. SYTEX filler is supplied to produce seamless joints where sections abut.

SYTEX uses the latest technology to cut its profiles allowing virtually any shape to be produced and without any minimum quantity or setting up costs. This permits design freedom and cost savings never previously attainable. Arches, curves and intricate composite shapes are now possible as well as standard profiles. See 'Range' for an example of just how complex an item can be manufactured.

flexible foamstone masonry SYTEX FoamStone products are light and easy to handle. No specialist lifting equipment is required. This offers huge benefits on site where space or access may be restricted as well as saving costly hire charges for equipment. SYTEX profiles can now be used where previously weight restrictions eliminated such features unfolding countless design opportunities.

SYTEX has brought FoamStone into the 21st Century. Now let SYTEX FoamStone products bring your next building project there as well.

The world of construction has changed.

See an example installation video here.

You can add amazing architectural detail to any building even after construction or where weight or access may have been an issue. SYTEX profiles simply bond to brick or render.

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